niedziela, 2 października 2011

Feathers and ruffles and all that meaningless stuff

It's getting colder and darker. Just when I forgot how much i hate fall, ( it took me quite a long time, didn't it?) it started all over again. The weather is simply awful. Or maybe i'm just saying that becouse i haven't had a proper summer this year, (i mean i was in England the whole time and their summer is more like Polish Fall so it didn't feel like summer at all)
What drives me crazy is that i literally don't have time for anything becouse of school and all that stuff that i have to do before matura exam this year..
Fortunately i managed to get away from it all at least for one day and me and my friend went for a walk. We haven't seen each other for a very long time now so it was nice to finally catch up.

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3 komentarze:

  1. nice pictures!!love your jacket!
    kisses pretty=)

  2. Great Outfit !
    Love S.
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